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Uses of a UID Extraction Tool

    • The UID Extraction Tool is software developed by Motorola as a means to access information from a mobile phone on a computer. The two versions of the software support many of Motorola's past phone models; however, newer models should use Motorola's new "Config Tool" as the UID extraction tool has been phased out.

    Decipher a Phone's UID and IMEI

    • The UID, or unique identification number, and the IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, are numbers that identify a certain mobile device. These numbers register and license individual handsets, usually to enable automatic updating. The UID is used by mobile developers and technicians to obtain a developer certificate to access and modify phone functions. In many countries, if your mobile phone is stolen, you can report the IMEI to your network provider so that they may render it useless.

    Enable Java MIDlet Downloads

    • Java MIDlets are games and applications designed for mobile phones and other devices with limited display, control and connectivity. Before one can download MIDlets to a Motorola handset, the Java Application Loader, or JAL, of the device must be enabled first. Some of the older Motorola devices do not have the option to enable JAL in the Java settings so the UID extraction tool can perform this action for you.

    Enable Real-Time Debugging of Java MIDlets

    • The UID extraction tool is useful for Java developers since they can test their applications on Motorola mobile phones and fix any errors or bugs in real time. It serves as the switch for developers to enable the KVM Debug Wire Protocol (KDWP) debug interface on Motorola handsets. Without this tool, developers would have to transfer the newer version of the application every time they want to see if their solution has fixed the error.

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