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A College Education Can Help Keep You Off the Dole

Unemployment is up and it's likely to get higher still before things turn around.
This is an employers market and they are looking to get a lot more than they used to for a good deal less money.
With so many people out of work, employers have a plethora of job seekers to choose from and they are going to choose the very best they can get for the money.
Employers looking for employees like to see colleges on the resumes for a number of reasons.
The easiest one to figure out is that you have some higher education.
But what college also means to an employer is that you have had to work in a structured environment, meet deadlines, and produce quality work on a constant basis over an extended period of time.
This shows a work ethic, dedication, the ability to work as a team member and it also shows the ability to be a self starter.
If you have no college instruction of any kind that you are able to put on your resume, you may have a very hard time finding a job and may find yourself on the government assistance programs for quite a while.
At a time when college education is such a vital part of procuring a job, college attendance has been down enough that the Queen's Ministry is busily reducing jobs within the educational sector in order to keep the funding and the attendance balanced.
This means that many good quality instructors are now also out of a job when the public could be better served with them working to train people.
If more unemployed people registered themselves in college to begin a new career path, a multitude of things could be accomplished.
With the number of enrollees up, the amount of instructors needed would rise and the Queen's Ministry would stop reducing and start adding instructors to the college rosters.
With people learning new skills and new trades, more fully educated job seekers would enter the market.
What this means on the individual level is that if you are out of work, are unsuccessful in trying to get a new job in your chosen profession, going to college might be just the right choice for you.
Do some research, find out what areas of the employment world are growing and what out of those areas you believe you would be best at.
Then work out your college schedule in order to achieve the goal you set for yourself.
When you come out of college, you will have a much better chance of getting a good job and it will take you off of the government assistance program, making room for that money to go elsewhere where it might be needed.

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