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How to Look Up Ford Windstar DTC Code P1744

    • 1). Open a Web browser and navigate to the search engine of your choice.

    • 2). Type in make and model of your car and surround them quotation marks. For example: "Ford Windstar" (with the quotation marks). Do not press "Enter" yet. In many cases, you will likely not need the model name. However, entering it will not skew your search results. Also, you need to use the manufacturer's name because the wording of the code definition will vary slightly. In addition, using quotation marks tells the search engine to look for those words grouped together in that particular order.

    • 3). Follow the make and model in quotations with the exact code as it appeared on the OBD-II scanner. For example:

      "Ford Windstar" P1744

    • 4). Read through the first page of results. Often, the definition will be next to the link. However, pick a link and read the page that pops up. is a good resource that offers not only generic code definitions, but lists of codes by manufacturer.

    • 5). Select keywords from the definition, like "torque converter clutch." Code P1744 is listed as "Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck in Off Position." You don't want to enter too much information into the search engine this time, as it will limit your results. Hit "Enter."

    • 6). Skim through the results and refine your search as needed. You are looking for a more specific discussion of the torque converter clutch system as it relates to Ford Windstars. This way, you can make the decision as to whether to attempt the repair yourself or take the vehicle to a professional mechanic.

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