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Are You Marinating Your Network Marketing Prospects?

As any cook will tell us, there are two ways to tenderize a tough piece of meat: either marinate the meat for a while or whack away at it with a meat hammer.
I can definitely see a parallel to what we do as network marketers.
Do we provide our prospects with just enough information (not an overwhelming amount) and let this information marinate in their minds? Or do we keep beating them over the head with more and more information in an effort to get them to sign up with us immediately? We all believe in our products or services or else we would not be in the particular network marketing company we are in.
At times, we can become overly zealous...
especially coming off of a weekend company-sponsored seminar where we get pumped up higher than a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon.
This renewed vigor can turn into a meat hammer approach when talking to new prospects as well as prospects who may be on the fence.
Whack! Whack! Whack! "You have to get into my business as EVERYONE should that has a pulse and now that all this new stuff has been added, it's a no brainer that you get in right now.
" Another approach, again coming off a lollapalooza company rah-rah seminar would be to contact prospects with a low key "Hey, we have to briefly get together for coffee.
I was away at a company meeting over the weekend.
Some pretty good ideas were presented that I'd like to share with you.
" Stay true to your word at this coffee meeting: be brief and "gently" present the new information and do not try to sell him/her into your business.
Let the information stew around (marinate) in their head for a day or two.
I can speak from experience that the meat hammer approach best described me in my first network marketing company 18+ years ago.
If someone would have suggested (thank God nobody did) that I go to the mall and pop out of the bushes to gain a prospect, I probably would have asked which mall in my area would they recommend.
Another thing about this whacking away approach, it was stressful.
Stressful to the people I would prospect into my network marketing business...
and also extremely stressful to me when they said no.
You know this expression well: Some will.
Some won't So what.
Well, I really found it difficult to accept "so what"and I would add a couple of my own words at the end of that expression: Why not? With the marinating approach - trust me, it has taken me a while to acquire a taste for it, I first chat with a potential prospect to find out if they are looking for something more in terms of finances, more time to spend doing what they enjoy or seeking to meet similar others.
If not, I save my marinating sauce and move on to finding a more receptive prospect who may or may not currently be involved in network marketing and has a "why" that is not being met.
That is when the marination process begins.
I do not submerge them in minute details of my home based business as that would be just as over saturating as attempting to marinate a piece of meat underneath a foot of marinade.
I tell them just enough to get them thinking and suggesting we talk/chat/Skype about it when they have more time.
Many times a potential prospect will say "I've got time right now.
Let's talk.
" Some have told me they would get back to me and do not.
Some have told me they would get back to me in a few days and then call me later that night or the next day and request a suitable time from ME when we could pursue the business further.
That, my fellow network marketers, is when the excitement begins as you realize that you have a potential leader ready to hear your company's complete story and, more often than not, ready to join your team.

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