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The Best Way to Insulate Windows

    Window Insulation Film

    • The best way to insulate windows in your house or apartment is to purchase a window insulation kit from your local hardware or home improvement center.The kit contains a plastic shrink film that is applied to the window frame with double-stick tape. You then heat the film with a hair dryer to form a seal over the entire window. Window insulation film is inexpensive and easy to install over any type of window. The film is ideal for windows not facing the sun or ones that receive only a small amount of sunlight each day.

    Using Curtains

    • After covering your windows with insulation film, hang heavy or layered curtains over them as an added insulation. Such curtains hold in heat from the sun and will help in reducing your energy costs. These curtains are easily found at local retail centers and on home decor websites on the Internet. Note, because these curtains are expensive, consider hanging them only on windows facing north.

    Windows Facing the Sun

    • You don't have to use any special insulation on windows facing the sun the majority of the day. Just make sure you don't feel any air coming in through them. Check them for cracks and seal any cracks with caulking. This will keep any air from coming in and help hold in any heat from the sun.

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