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Choosing the Gender of Your Baby - Determine the Sex of Your Child

If you already have children of only one gender in your family, and you are thinking about having another baby, you may have thought about choosing the gender of your next baby.
Although a bit of a "taboo" subject, more couples than we realize think about taking proactive steps and the fact that you are reading this probably means that you too have thought about what you can do to determine the sex of your child.
Although for some, there is very much the attitude that we should be grateful for what we are given and there is no doubt that most couples are delighted with their children, whatever the sex.
However, that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with giving nature a helping hand! Natural techniques for choosing the gender of your baby can have success rates as high as 95%.
Many couples have a deep-rooted need to balance their families.
There is something "perfect" about having a family with a mix of girls and boys-no matter what anyone says.
Most couples with same-sex children do feel the longing, but very few actually take steps to do anything about it, leaving such an important matter to chance.
Indeed, "chance" doesn't very often come into it.
For some couples, unless they make fundamental alterations, there are biological reasons why they may be having children of the same sex and this will not change unless they take the correct proactive steps.
To give you an example of this, some women feel particularly "sexy" around the time of ovulation and this is thought to be an inbuilt response to encourage procreation.
If those women only have intercourse at that time they are far more likely to conceive a boy.
There is no doubt that a scientific approach is best when it comes to choosing the gender of your baby.
Techniques based on hearsay, astrology or Chinese medicine have no place when you are trying to determine the gender of your child.
The best kind of methods are those which exploit all what is scientifically known about the behavior of the sperm, the ovum, the cervical mucous, the pH levels of the vagina, diet and the timing of ovulation.
By harnessing the knowledge of each of these elements and using it to our advantage, it can massively boost the chances of having a baby of the gender of your choice.

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