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Resolving Fear Part 2

We can then give up any fear that might bring us what we do not want: fear of diseases, fear of accidents, fear of dying and so on.
We give up something and we replace it with something else that is life sustaining, and with images of safety.
The fear of giving up fear is also to be considered, because this could be one of the reasons as to why people find it difficult to give up their beliefs and fears.
Most of our fears are not actually ours, they are inherited from the previous generations and we also might be carrying them over from one life to the next, together with the belief that only if you fear something, like fearing loss, disease, accidents, you avoid them.
This might be the case for a while, but ultimately if your focus is on losing something, or catching something eventually that something will come about.
Why do we take on what our parents of grandparents believed? The underlying reason for a child to accept what is being taught, or imposed upon, is always the same-the need to be loved and accepted.
If the evidence is, that what you are taught brings you acceptance and love, then you will be more than willing to accept it.
When you are a child you have very little discerning power, and only one aim, to stay safe and to be loved.
Beliefs and fears, once learned, move into the subconscious and we forget about them, but they come with us into adulthood and we continue to operate from them.
Let us go back to poverty, we have problem with creating money in our lives.
There is probably a poverty consciousness that runs in the family line, which is strictly related to fear of survival that has been passed down through the blood.
By accepting 'your fate', that poverty is something that you must accept, and that cannot be changed, when you start challenging that belief, what happens is that your fear of betraying the family dynamics and beliefs gets triggered! If you want to give up what has been held up by your parents and their parents might make you feel like a traitor, but most importantly, if you choose not to believe what mama taught you, mama can take away her love and what are you going to do then? So like with everything, whenever we choose to engage with changes, we have to take into account all these aspects, because that is what comes in the way.

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