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Creative Ways to Build Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are our ability to use our large muscles to move. Some examples of gross motor activities are rolling, crawling, walking, running, skipping, jumping, throwing, and climbing. Virtually anything that involves moving and using the large muscles in the body.
Of course, by simply running around and playing physically, both inside and out, kids are working on their gross motor skills; however, sometimes kids get bored doing the same activities. Use the ideas I share here to make fun projects that kids will have fun playing with while they challenge their muscles.

Coffee Can Stilts

Kids will have a lot of fun learning how to balance and trying to walk around on these homemade stilts. All you need is a coffee can, some rope, and a hammer and large nail. Once they master balancing on them, create fun obstacle courses they can try to navigate through.More »

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

As with the bubbles, kids won't necessarily get their large muscles working by using this chalk, but they can use it to draw out games that will get them moving. Make the chalk using the recipe I share and then use it to draw games outside. You can make a traditional hopscotch game or make a grid and use the homemade bean bags or fleece balls above to play a toss tic-tac-toe game.You can also draw out a road that can be used to drive bikes on.More »

Homemade Bean Bags

If you make your own bean bags, you can use them in a variety of ways. One idea is to set out coffee cans or buckets and let the kids toss the bean bags into them. You can even decorate the cans/buckets. Create a game out of this activity by making lines, about a foot apart, on the floor using masking tape. Have the kids stand behind the line nearest the cans/buckets and throw a bean bag. The players who get it in the bucket then step back behind the next line. Continue this until there is one player left. Another idea is to have the kids walk around the room and do various tasks while they try to balance a bean bag on top of their head. For older kids, you can make cornhole game boards to go along with the bean bags.More »

Fleece Pom-Pom Ball

Make these fleece balls and kids can practice their throwing skills, even when they are stuck in the house. You can create fun games using them, like the ideas I shared for homemade bean bags, or simply play catch. You can make a target to use with these balls by cutting holes into a large piece of poster board or cardboard and hanging it up. Don't forget to decorate it. You can also set up lightweight items they can try to knock over.More »

Make Your Own Bubbles

While making this bubble mixture and blowing bubbles won't help kids work on gross motor skills, playing with them is a different story. Blow bubbles and encourage your kids to run after them and catch them. They can also crawl around and blow on the bubbles and try to keep them in the air longer.More »

Water Weights

Kids will not only have a lot of fun making these weights, they will have fun playing with them and getting a modest workout at the same time. If you want to take this craft one step farther, attach the bottles to both ends of a dowel to make a barbell style weight.More »

DIY Jump Rope

I ran across with fun jump rope on the Mama's Little Muse blog. Carolyn explains how you can recycle old marker caps into a colorful jump rope your kids will love to use.More »

Homemade Bowling Pin Set

Marla, shared this fun game on the Creative Dish blog. Learn how you can use plastic water bottles, felt, and glue to make a fun bowling game. While it will only take minutes to make this game, it will hopefully keep the kids busy and moving for hours.More »

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

I love this simple idea shared on the Givers Log blog. Grab some bubble wrap and use the suggestions shared by Amber to create your own hopscotch game. If your kids aren't quite old enough to play a hopscotch, make the squares and create your own fun games.More »

Rainbow Streamers

Head on over to the Teaching The Little People blog and discover how Julie makes these colorful streamers using plastic table clothes.let the kids make their own streamer and then crank up the music and encourage them to run around and dance with them.More »

Homemade Hurdles

The Your Therapy Source site posted this video that shows you how to use some PVC pipes and elbows to create hurdles. You can make them different heights for different age groups. Besides just jumping or stepping over them, kids can try to crawl under them also.More »

Making Swimming Noodle Ponies

Mrs. King shares directions for making stick ponies out of foam swimming noodles. Use these to teach kids how to gallop and trot.More »

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