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Installing a Laminate Floor

    • 1). Purchase and place the flooring in the room where it will be installed. Do this 2 to 3 days before the installation begins, so the flooring adjusts to the humidity and temperature of the room.

    • 2). Remove all the furniture from the room.

    • 3). Remove the baseboards by carefully placing a crowbar between the board and the wall. Gently pull on the crowbar and pry the boards away from the wall.

    • 4). Remove the currently existing flooring. Clean all the way down to the plywood base below.

    • 5). Sweep the floor clean. Remove any nails or staples.

    • 6). Lay a layer of foam underlayment on the floor. There is no need to staple or glue this down. Be sure to cover every inch of the floor space with underlayment.

    • 7). Place the first piece of laminate flooring against the wall on the floor in the left corner furthest away from the door. Note that the direction in which the first piece is placed will determine the pattern for the entire floor.

    • 8). Lock each piece of flooring into the previous piece. Hold the second piece of flooring at a 45-degree angle while placing it next to the first piece. Then lay the second piece flat on the ground. This should lock the two together to create a seamless transition.

    • 9). Cut the first piece for the second row in half before placing it in position. This will stagger the seams. Every other row should begin with a half piece.

    • 10

      Measure and cut around any pipes and corners, as necessary.

    • 11

      Replace the baseboards by nailing them back in the same places as before.

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