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Intense Workout Program You Can Perform at Home

If you want to lose fat, build lean muscle mass, or just get into better health - but you want to do it without going to the gym, then you have two options: dumbbell and body weight training.
Bodyweight Training is great because you can perform it anywhere and at anytime.
When you perform body weight circuits or organize body weight exercises into intervals, you can expect to lose a lot of fat.
Dumbbells are great for mass gain, strength, and strength endurance.
You can purchase cheap dumbbells from Craigslist.
org or eBay.
You can even find reasonably prices dumbbells at your local sports equipment store.
When you combine calisthenics and dumbbell training, you can achieve incredible results! I've personally improved my athletic conditioning and managed to lose a lot of fat by performing high intensity body weight and dumbbell circuits.
I spent 6 months in a gym "bodybuilding" and all I achieved was a bulky physique and slow muscle fibers.
Coming from a martial arts background, I want to be fast and lean, not big and slow.
I think the biggest mistake people make when trying to improve their bodies is to follow traditional bodybuilding routines.
Bodybuilding is not for everyone.
For the average Joe or Jane who has a full time job and family to raise, the most economical and effective method of training is with bodyweight and dumbbell exercises in the comfort of their own homes.
Not only will you save a lot of money on expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment, but you'll also be able to stick to your program longer.
You now have no excuse NOT to workout!

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