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How to Transplant a Purple Smoke Tree

    Choosing Trees To Transplant

    • 1). Select strong, sturdy young saplings without visible broken branches or scarring.

    • 2). Choose healthy seedlings that are from 1 to 2 feet tall.

    • 3). Assess the shape of the young tree considered for transplanting. Select trees with a pleasing shape and growth habit.

    Select a Planting Location

    • 1). Choose a location that receives full sun. The smoke tree's fall foliage is spectacular when this tree is planted in an open, sunny location.

    • 2). Consider the size of the tree at maturity. Place the tree in a location that does not interfere with property boundaries, fences, driveways or underground utilities.

    • 3). Select a rocky or graveled soil area. Smoke trees seem to grow best in barren, nutrient-poor soil.

    Digging Transplant Trees

    • 1). Dig up the trees to be transplanted, being careful not to harm the root structure.

    • 2). Lift the tree by the root mass. Do not pull or yank on the stem or trunk as this will damage delicate roots.

    • 3). Place the tree in a pail or tub.

    • 4). Cover the roots with water and soak overnight.

    Plant Your Tree

    • 1). Dig a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the root system of the tree you are planting.

    • 2). Center the tree in the hole and align vertically. Smoke trees will not require staking.

    • 3). Fill the hole with a mixture of equal parts of sand, top soil and peat moss.

    • 4). Tamp the soil in gently around the roots to fill voids and air pockets.

    • 5). Water well by soaking the base of the tree.

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