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How to Have Success in House Training a New Puppy

Just like human babies who do not have any control over their bodily functions, puppy's haven't yet fully developed their intestinal tract muscles and must relieve themselves quit often.
You will be leading your puppy to his relief area a dozen or more times daily.
He will have to go after he's been sleeping, playing, after he eats and several other times throughout the course of the day.
For a puppy around 8 weeks old your puppy will be needing to relieve himself about once an hour.
Preferably it's a good idea to have someone at home all day with the dog at least when you first get him.
As the puppy gets older he will have more control over his bodily functions and have to go out less often.
When the pup reaches around 4 months old he will only have to go out about 6 to 8 times a day, and that will decrease to 3 to 5 as he ages.
In order to house train the puppy he must be restricted to (1) room of the house.
Canines are social creatures so restricting them to a family room is preferable.
They will want to be around the rest of the family.
The dogs crate should also be placed in their favorite room to further enhance their confidence and sense of belonging.
Consistency and frequency are the preamble to successful house training.
Your pup needs to be led to his relief area every time that he is released from the crate and every time he exhibits any signs that indicate he might have to relieve himself.
Patience will be the key to house training your new puppy.

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