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Asking The Question, does Mister Steamy Work?

Clothes need to be washed, dried, and ironed, especially if we want people to hang around us. All of this work is why people look for different ways to speed up the cleaning process or at least make it easier. This is why I got excited about a Mister Steamy infomercial on TV. I began asking questions about the product like, What is it, and Does Mister Steamy work?

What Is the Product?

The Mister Steamy is a ball that is filled with knobs. These holes release stream via Fresh Shot liquid and water. If you are using it, you should throw the ball in the dryer with the clothes. It can get odors out of clothes, even dry ones. When the dryer warms up, the ball releases the water through all the knobs. This will remove wrinkles and any odors left on the clothes.

Does Mister Steamy Work?

I started researching online and reading different reviews. Some people wrote that it worked, while others said it didnt. Sometimes it depends on if you use the product the right way. One person said, I will say it does work pretty well. We use it mostly as a way not to wash our clothes as much.

When I looked on the Internet, I found comments like, I have used Mr. Steamy many times. It works great. I dry my jeans on the line and they are very stiff and wrinkled. I throw them in the dryer with Mr. Steamy and they come out without wrinkles and soft as if I used a dryer sheet! So I know their answer to the question of, Does Mister Steamy work?

I discovered Mister Steamy did a pretty good job of getting rid of wrinkles and did well at removing odors. People really liked the Fresh Shot, even if it was sticky and not a ton of liquid. Another user said, I'd give this product a 9+ for performance!

So does Mister Steamy work? I decided to try it myself, but I wanted to get it from a reputable website and for a good price. I made sure to go directly to the manufacturers website to make sure I got the best deal.

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