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The Different Cichlid Fish Types

Many do have problems when looking at the cichlid fish type that they are in front of.
This is because there are many possible species and they are all different in appearance and temperament.
Even feeding patterns can be different.
Also, a bunch of fish stores are offering information that is inaccurate and because of this all is tough to understand properly.
Even if at times it can be highly difficult to see what type of cichlid fish you are looking at we do need to mention some facts that you need to be aware of.
Let us now analyze what can be expected.
Cichlid fish categories should be created based on how people are looking at them.
What we mean is that there is a need to look at different cichlid fish as a hobby and not do a scientific analysis.
The categories and classification below is also based on physical appearance and will help you a lot to identify the fish.
Additional information can always be found if you roughly know what you might be in front.
While thinking about this we can say that we have 4 main cichlid fish types: Neotropical, African, Asian and Madagascar.
You will need to first place your cichlid in a group before making a more accurate identification.
Madagascar cichlids are really rare and you most likely never see them in any supermarket.
Asian cichlids are usually some oddball fish.
Three main species currently exist in India and Sri Lanka and are a part of the Etroplus genus.
Etropus maculates is definitely the one that is really common and is popularly referred to as orange chromide.
Its size is small and can easily breed without a problem.
We should also mention the etroplus suratensis (commonly known as green chromide) and the rarest one, Etroplus canarensis.
Although we are dealing with around 1500 species there are some possible guidelines to help you see what you are in front.
Sometimes you do need to look on the Internet or read some books to identify some species.
We have 5 big types of neotropical cichlids: eartheater cichlids, cichlasoma-like cichlids, apistogramma-like cichlids and pike cichlids.
African cichlid variations are from Lake Malawi, West Africa, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyikan and other more localised areas in the African Continent.

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