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Traffic Anarchy - 4 Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Site Using the Traffic Generator!

All webmasters and especially those who depend on their website for their livelihood know the importance of driving traffic to their site.
This article will attempt to emphasize the importance of driving free traffic and how Traffic Anarchy, the Traffic Generator, can help in accomplishing the mission.
Having a website that nobody visits is like having a retail store that no one enters.
In the retail business for example one would rely on location, foot traffic, window display, word of mouth and advertising for generating traffic.
Your online store or site, however, is inherently different and unless you want your site lost in cyber, as millions are, you will have to find a way to bring the traffic to it.
The 2 ways to generate Traffic to your site: 1.
Paid traffic via paid advertising like: PPC, banner ads, media buys etc.
, 2.
Free generated traffic (elaborated on bellow) Paid traffic, though very efficient and can produce results within hours, requires the kind of money that most website owners cannot afford.
Free traffic, on the other hand, requires dedication and lots of patience.
Free traffic generation works by bringing your site in front of different platforms.
This you do by various means some of which I will list bellow.
The idea, however, is to created such an impressive presence on those, mostly web 2.
0, platforms that the search engines notice your site to the point that they deem it worthy of a high rank on their own, respective, sites.
Free traffic generation - how and where: • Press Releases - Create a buzz about your site.
Submit a press release to Press-Release Directories • Article Directories-Write and submit informative, relevant, articles to Article Directories • Facebook - Create a profile, make friends and, when appropriate, introduce your site • Twitter -Create a profile, begin to tweet, get followers and, when appropriate, introduce your site.
• YouTube- Create videos about your site/product, upload it with a link pointing back to your site • RSS Feeds - Create RSS feeds for your site and submit them to RSS Directories The above is by no means a conclusive list; however it should be enough to point you in the right direction.
As stated before, free traffic generation is tedious and requires lots of patience.
Moreover, unless you understand how search engines work, you may end up with very meager results, if any.
SEO, aka, Search Engine Optimization is where free traffic generation campaign must begin.
Just as your site is optimized for certain keywords, so should be your articles, press releases, videos and so on.
But even if you have mastered SEO, you still need to devote tons of time to content writing and submitting.
Fortunately there are some tools out there that can make your life much easier.
One such tool, to be released on August 23rd, which I have personally tested, has proven to be very efficient, saving tons of time in the process.
It is an-all-in-one software that goes by the name of Traffic Anarchy.
Traffic Anarchy is an easy tool to use.
And although it claims to do it all on autopilot, it does not.
For fairness sake, however, I must admit that the Traffic Anarchy Software is mightily fast.
4 ways to generate free traffic using the Traffic Generator: 1.
Submit your articles to various article directories 2.
Submit your press releases to a select list of press-release directories 3.
Submit your bookmarking to various bookmarking sites 4.
Create and submit your site's RSS feeds Using the Traffic Anarchy Software, I am now able to complete all the above in about 25 minutes - a task that would normally take me a whole day to accomplish manually.
The initial set up of Traffic Anarchy Software, though, requires about an hour or so of your time.
But, once installed, you will find subsequent submissions to be a brief in comparison to the old ways of doing the same.

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