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Tongue Cleaning Done Right

You may or may not be aware that when you are conducting you daily home oral care, you need to clean your tongue during the process. Now this is not a complicated step, and in fact is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria which causes bad breath.

You may be thinking that brushing your tongue is the answer, but that will only partially remove the foul smelling bacteria that forms a film on the bumpy surface of your tongue. So feel free to brush this part of your mouth, but you will also need to engage a special tool for the purpose of cleaning your tongue. A tongue cleaner, or scraper, is a curved edge tool that you can use to gently whisk that bacterial film off your tongue. When you use a tongue cleaner during your home oral care, you place it as close to the back of your tongue as you can stand and gently pull it forward across your tongue.

You need to spit and rinse off the tongue scraper with each pass, in order not push that loosened bacteria around your mouth. It should only take a few passes to get the job done, making sure to get the whole surface of your tongue. Rinsing out your mouth after cleaning your tongue is also a must. As it is a must to rinse out your mouth after brushing and flossing, you need to do so after scraping your tongue. This may dictate when you decide to conduct this part of daily your home oral care, but that choice is up to you. As it is not tough to do, you may want to include cleaning your tongue every time that you clean your mouth even though many say that once a day is fine.

Many tongue cleaners are made of plastic, but for a superior clean you should use Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner. This home oral care tool is the #1 seller in the world, and this may be because of its curved design and the fact that stainless steel does not harbor bacteria after it is cleaned. Stainless steel is the popular material for flatware, and it is this ease of sanitation which makes it so. Using a tongue cleaner made of it is the best way to rid your mouth of foul breath, even after brushing flossing and rinsing.

A visit to will enable you to pick up this home oral care tool for a great price. You may have been overlooking your tongue in the past, but now that you know how to clean it and how easy it is to do so, you should now experience the confidence that comes from knowing that your breath is fresh. It is rather amazing to think that so simple a process can do such wonders for your breath and the health of your mouth. Using Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner will allow you to have the best method to clean your tongue each day.

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