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Tomas Delgado - OLTL Character Profile

Portrayed by:

Ted King

About Tomas Delgado & Occupation:
  • Tomas is a man of many secrets that ties into the lives of others. He strives to protect those he loves even when they do not seek his help. Tomas earns his living as an artist.

  • Place of Residence:

    Llanview (with his sister, Tea Delgado)


    Tea Delgado (sister)
    Danielle Manning (niece)
    Sebastian Delgado (son)
    Victor Manning (brother-in-law)


    Blair Cramer


    Sebastian Delgado
    Shaun Evans
    Irene Manning (deceased)

    Interesting Facts:
  • Tomas is an artist
  • He reconnected with his long-lost sister
  • He learned he had a niece
  • Tomas is an ex-spy
  • He is a pianist and accomplished artist

  • History of Tomas Delgado:

    Tomas was a recluse living in Paris, France when Blair Cramer located him about a portrait he painted of her. He arrived in Llanview to reconnect with his estranged sister, Tea. While he embraced his niece, Danielle, he disliked Tea’s husband, Todd (also Blair’s ex-husband). Tea was stunned later to learn Tomas and Blair knew each other.

    Though Tomas was accused of shooting Todd later, Danielle stuck by him. Detective John McBain and Todd’s bodyguard, Shaun kept a close eye on him after Todd blamed Tomas of trying to kill him. Tomas insisted a sniper shot him and convinced Blair to believe in his innocence. He was later cleared of the crime.

    Months of sparring with Tea over her husband ended when he and Todd became allies in a bizarre twist involving Dr.

    Marty Saybrooke. They retrieved Todd’s nephew from her and she was sent back to Ireland to join her husband/ex-spy, Patrick. Though they denied any part of it, McBain and Tea later speculated they assisted with her escape.

    Tomas reunited with his estranged son, Sebastian (Baz) and brought him to Llanview. Baz, also a musician, was bitter at first, but after bonding with Blair’s daughter, Starr, he softened toward his father and allowed him to listen to their recorded duet. Tomas was grateful for the olive branch but their relationship remained a constant struggle.

    When news surfaced that Todd was actually a twin brother named Victor Lord, Jr., Tomas’ past as a spy (alongside Irene Manning) came to light. Knowing she was after the microchip from Todd, Tomas found him and relayed that his family was safe from the explosion. He took the gun from him after witnessing Irene’s lifeless body after Todd feared he would be imprisoned forever for killing her.

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