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Troubled Teen Intervention Programs in Washington

    The Hart Center

    • Seattle-based Hart Center guides parents who are dealing with a teen's drug or alcohol abuse through early intervention and treatment. Intervention specialists assess the family's needs and prepare parents and siblings for the intervention process.

      Selecting the proper intervention method is key, as well as preparing all participants for the defensive maneuvers they will likely encounter from their troubled teen. The results of the intervention will, of course, vary tremendously depending on the family. Regardless of outcome, the Hart Center has counseling services for teens and families struggling with substance abuse.


    • For over 25 years, the southern Idaho-based wilderness therapy program SUWS has been helping troubled but functional young people and their families start down the road to recovery. This 28-day minimum wilderness experience takes teenagers who are wayward but emotionally stable enough to be safe in a remote wilderness environment.

      SUWS specializes in young people whose troubles find root in conditions like ADHD, chronic anxiety, chemical dependency, substance abuse, mood disorders, oppositional defiant disorder and various learning differences.

      A wilderness program like SUWS removes a troubled teenager from all that is familiar, pushing them to change their outlook and behavior. This program's setting outside but close to Washington makes the removal from a teen's comfort zone all the more striking and effective.

    Youth Eastside Services

    • Youth Eastside Services (YES) is a low-cost program with facilities in Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond to help families and their children deal with emotional distress and substance abuse. Since 1968, YES has provided counseling and support to families and teens needing help but cannot afford tuition at a therapeutic boarding school, military academy or bear the cost of private treatment.

      Along with group and individual counseling, YES also maintains a list of free and low-cost resources for parents and young people dealing with behavioral problems and substance abuse issues.

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