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I will be discussing the three best solutions which I always use myself to lower excessive vibrations of case fans, and the ways anybody can lower their decibel levels.
Most reports will tell you how vibrations work, and how the noise is caused.
This article is different, there isn't any computer language here that isn't easily understood.
Case fans mounted to your case will make the metal material of your computer vibrate.
If you've ever tried holding a powered case fan, you'll know that it's almost silent.
If you've seen any of my previous articles, you should know that I like keeping my noise levels in my computer as low as possible.
A huge factor for unneeded noise are the case fans.
There are a few ways I will share which I use to solve this problem.
I have put together three of the most important techniques which I use to cut down on my case fan noise.
) Case Fan Silica Gel - Using Ultra-light silica gel will create a slight barrier between your case fan and your computers case.
Doing this will cut down on some vibrations.
) Fan Speed - Reducing the speed of your case fan will significantly decrease the amount of vibration.
To do this, you will need to purchase a fan controller.
A fan controller can be found in a computer store or an online store for about $15 dollars.
) Case metal thickening - You can reduce vibrations by thickening your cases metal that your fans are mounted to.
The metal will be less flexible after doing this, and will become more sturdy.
This will stop noise from reverberating throughout the case.
By following all three of these solutions, a significant drop in noise level for your case fans should be noticed.
There are however more strategies for making your fans quieter if vibrations aren't your problem.
Other techniques involve decreasing the amount of turbulence made by the case fans.
You can produce steady airflow with the replacement of certain cables, moving your fans, and taking off the grills of fans.

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