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Great Website to Sustain Your Rankings

Those days are over when web design used to be relatively simple, make the pages look nice, arrange the text in an attractive and sophisticated manner, input a few call to action buttons.
But now optimization has changed the face of websites forever and thus if you don't want to stay behind, it's high time to step up.
SEO is a developing science, many reputed companies providing search engine optimization are learning and altering their strategies constantly to cope up with the market and get high rankings on various search engines for their client's sites.
Learning all the strategies in one go is almost next to impossible, but there are a few rules that serve as a good introduction.
Firstly you need to spend more time on coding rather than designing.
The person involved in designing process has to learn and spend some quality time with the code.
The coding helps in making the process of creating a great look and feel very easy and also by using the descriptive tags in structuring the pages helps the search engines to have much easier time reading and understanding the relevant content on the web design.
Secondly, remember that your site is not a Christmas stocking, do not stuff it.
Keywords are of utmost importance and thus they should appear in the strategic places like URL, title tag, main heading tag, Meta tags etc.
do not over-stuff the keywords in the content it could be penalized by the search engines.
Thirdly, using flash files is nice for navigation purpose; it looks tempting and eye catching to the customers.
However the search engines have difficulty in reading and understanding the flash files, it does not help in increasing the rank of the site.
Fourthly, using alt tag for labeling the images on your site, it is very useful as it describes.
The description generally contains the keywords relevant to the topics.
The keywords are the text that your target audience may type on their web browsers.
Fifthly, give a different name to every page on your website, the search engine looks for the unique title, otherwise it will deduce that every page on the site is the same thing.
Sixthly, links are of utmost importance in the website design, giving them a proper title which works as a description helps the visitors and the search engine to understand it properly.
Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization.

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