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Adding Plants to a Freshwater Aquarium

Live plants do a lot for an aquarium, they provide food and shelter for fish, prevent green water, and make your aquarium look great.
Plants help balance out the aquarium system by absorbing carbon dioxide, and waste products.
Like any living organism, plants need nutrients and proper living conditions.
Having plants fed is easy because all of the needed nutrients come right from the fish.
Fertilizing plants is just as easy because the fish do that too.
There are fertilizers available as additives but it can cause problems with algae in your tank if too much is added.
Most plants like water temperatures to be between 72 and 78F.
A pH between 6.
8 and 7.
8 is also ideal for the plants.
Snails are also related to the success or failure of your aquatic plants.
Snails can help clean the plants of small algae and food.
There are some other types of snails that can actually start eating and damaging your plants.
You can actually remove these snails by placing lettuce at the top of your tank, then removing the lettuce after the snails have been attracted to it.
It is always good practice to rinse any new plants in a warm water to get rid of any nuisance insects.
Try to choose plants for your tank that have solid roots, firm leaves, and don't have a strange smell to them.
If you are looking to add plants to your aquarium you will probably need to upgrade your lighting.
Plants need about twelve to fourteen hours of light everyday.
Some aquarists have differing opinions of the amount of light plants need but three to five watts per gallon seems to work well for most.
Transplanting younger plants will always be easier and have a larger chance of success.
Almost all plants will need some kind of adjustment period where it may lose leaves, but if you remove all the dead leaves and not damage the roots your plant should be just fine.
Plants do a lot to balance an aquarium aesthetically and balances the ecosystem very well.

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