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Replacement Tips for a Coleman Trekking Pole

    Types of Trekking Tips

    • Coleman, and other popular trekking poles, utilize three main tips. The carbide tip is the most durable and longest lasting. It is used on rough terrain where maximum stability is needed. Those using trekking poles on indoor tracks or softer surfaces use rubber tips, or caps. These add traction to a potentially slippery surface and protect the floor from scratching and scuffing. Those that walk for fitness primarily use the larger walking tip. This tip rolls with your gait and provides the most support through the large surface area on its bottom. This also provides more traction and stability on slippery surfaces. This is the heaviest tip of the three.

    Outdoor Retail Store

    • If you are at home and have access to an outdoor retail store, purchase replacement carbide and rubber tips for your Coleman trekking poles. The Coleman brand does not sell replacement rubber tips. There are other brands that sell tips of similar sizes that fit a Coleman trekking pole. Leki, for example, sells the smaller rubber cap, the larger walking tip and the carbide tip. If the rubber tips wear through or break, you must replace them.

    Duct Tape Repair

    • If the carbide tip breaks while in the back-country hiking, cover the tip with duct tape to protect the integrity of the pole. You do not want more damage done to the pole aside from the tip breaking. Pad the tip with a bandana, sock or other shock absorbing material before taping. If possible, do not use the pole for the rest of the trip. If you continue to use the pole without a carbide tip, be attentive that the on-the-spot repair does not come off. You can use a trekking pole without the rubber tips without any damage being done to the pole itself.

    Trekking Pole Protectors

    • Outdoor retail stores also sell tip protectors for trekking poles. These are large rubber cylinders that slide over the tip. They protect your tips from damage during transit and shipping. These should not be used while walking or hiking. If your carbide or rubber tip breaks, you can use these in a pinch. They will not provide the same level of traction and stability that the correct tips will. For example, if your rubber tip wears through during your workout and you do not want to damage the floor, use the tip protectors until you can purchase new rubber tips.

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