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South Padre Island - Stand Up Paddleboarding

The sport of SUPing also know as stand up paddling, stand up paddleboarding and stand paddle surfing adds a twist to the classic sport of surfing.
Make the board much bigger and easier to balance on, then add a paddle.
What you end up with is a activity that is much more accessible to the masses.
You can SUP on flat water in rivers and lakes or you can test your balance in waves cruising outside the breakers or surfing them in.
What ever your fancy South Padre Island has both flat and wave options so you can do it all.
For your first time, flat water Stand Up Paddling is really quite easy.
If you don't have the best balance you can start off sitting down, with a big beginner board you need no balance skill to do this.
Once you get the hang of it you can go up to your knees.
This does require some balance yet in flet water it is not hard at all.
The final step is to stand up again in flat water this is not overly challenging.
Once standing go paddle around and figure out how to build up speed, cruise in a straight line and turn.
OK now that you got the hang of it lets do something.
If you just want to cruise around, get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors South Padre Island has canals, the laguna and the Birding Center which can all be enjoyed from the water on a SUP board.
If you launch from the southern end of the South Padre Island and work your way out to the shipping channel you can see dolphins.
Fishing is easy from a SUP in a seated position and you can go find the fish rather than casting from shore.
The ultimate is getting out on the Gulf of Mexico side and into the waves.
For starters paddling out can be a challenge.
Pick a day with smaller waves like 1-2 feet and paddle straight out the harder you paddle the faster you get out.
Try doing this seated or on your knees the first few times.
After getting out past the waves a bit try standing up.
Practice on your knees some more if needed staying out of the break waves until you are ready.
One of the cool things about stand up paddle surfing is you can surf much smaller waves than normal surfing allows.
Stand up Paddleboarding has exploded all over in the last few years because of the fact that most people live relatively close to some body of water and many people enjoy the water and the outdoors.
If you re visiting South Padre Island and would like to give it a try the shallow flat waters of the Laguna Mader are a great place to take one for a test drive.
Half day and daily rentals are available at modest prices at several watersports outfitters on South Padre Island.

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