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Electric Pressure Cooker Vs. Slow Cooker


    • An electric pressure cooker cooks food quickly by using liquid and steam pressure. As the liquid heats, it creates an increasing amount of steam pressure that tenderizes meats and cooks food. A slow cooker operates by cooking food at a low, steady temperature for an extended period of time. Since the heat is kept low, food is not likely to overcook.


    • A slow cooker allows you to add all your ingredients in the morning and have the meal cooked when you return from work at the end of the day. If your recipe calls for browning meat before cooking, a pressure cooker is a better bet, since slow cookers cannot brown meat. In addition, pressure cookers can cook larger cuts of meat more easily than slow cookers.


    • Slow cookers use more energy since they operate for longer periods of time. Pressure cookers cook so quickly that there is a risk of overcooking if they are not monitored. In general, electric pressure cookers and slow cookers produce the same results.

    Fun Fact

    • Many people refer to all slow cookers as "crockpots." However Crock Pot® is the brand name of the original slow cookers that became well known in the 1970s.

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