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Sony Ericsson W580i Cellphone

The Sony Ericsson W580i is a trendy, slender, quad-band cellphone that is also a seriously neat Walkman. It provides a very useful function enabling one to pick a different tune saved on the cellphone through a little shake of the cellphone. It's additionally got a radio, Bluetooth, a 2 Megapixel video/camera, a memory space port, an online web surfer, in addition to a capability to get into one's email.

This particular unlocked cellphone works in concert with GSM service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile (Nevertheless not every company feature can be guaranteed and it will not handle CDMA service providers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint).

It gives you as much as nine hours of talk-time, along with as much as a remarkable 370 hours (a couple weeks) of stand by time.


Numerous consumers compliment the device because of its capability to generate superior call quality. Moreover the actual image resolution created by the display screen receives highly positive assessments too.

Customers like the streamlined and small style particularly the anodized blue metallic part (not really demonstrated in picture). Clients value the trim structure since it slips perfectly in one's pocket or purse and furthermore, as it features a sliding cover you won't unintentionally call people. On top of that the digital camera lens is likewise protected with a sliding section that safeguards it from scrapes and dirt. The camera is categorized as having the capacity to produce great outside images.

Customers genuinely value the phone's music playing capability and also the operator interface which enables effortless organizing of one's preferred songs.

A few purchasers state how the battery life is actually remarkably long.


Clients say that the cell phone does seem delicate. Customers have pointed out how the display screen might break perhaps with no fall or other impact and that the keyboard is likewise prone to fracture. Some other troubles described range from the ear piece creating an annoying noise (in 1 instance following only a year of usage) and also the ear piece malfunctioning totally. Additionally it appears that the charging and head set jacks are weak. Evaluations reveal that following a moderate amount of usage you will probably have to wiggle the cable to have it charge, plus it frequently does not identify a head set whenever one is put in.

Some folks point out that the device may possibly switch off by itself as well as erase anything kept on the memory space.

Several people are let down with the efficiency of the battery; it could need to be recharged every day with some devices.

Several customers do not like the very small buttons on the keyboard that make repeated use as well as text messaging somewhat challenging. The point that the web key is actually on the face could mean that you might inadvertently hook up to the web as well as receive undesired costs because of this.

Additional criticisms range from the lack of a flash or photo light; to not supporting 3G; to having to purchase the Sony memory stick (that is actually more costly plus not as acquirable as the common micro SD).

If you are searching for a top notch cellphone, that gives you excellent call quality and an awesome display screen, in addition to being a really great personal stereo, then take a look at the fashionable Sony Ericsson W580i. It delivers.

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