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Replacing KitchenAid Dishwasher Door Springs

    • 1). Remove the screws securing the kickplate assembly to the frame at the bottom of the dishwasher, using a power drill or a screwdriver. The screws are at the top or the bottom of the kickplate.

    • 2). Pull the kickplate out to remove it from the dishwasher frame. Also remove a secondary toeplate, if the dishwasher has one. This will allow you to get to the door springs.

    • 3). Search for the door springs on the left and right side at the bottom of the dishwasher door. Inspect each spring to determine which has broken.

    • 4). Remove the broken spring form the dishwasher with the needle-nose pliers. Place the end of the pliers on the bottom of the spring where it hooks into the notches used to adjust the door's tension. Push down to disengage the spring and then pull the top hook out of the door support.

    • 5). Insert the hooked end of the replacement spring into the hole or slot on the door support.

    • 6). Place the end of the needle-nose pliers on the retainer end of the replacement spring. Push down and insert the end of the spring into one of the adjustment notches.

    • 7). Open and then let the door close. If the door slams when closing, move the replacement spring down to another adjustment notch.

    • 8). Reattach the kickplate assembly.

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