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Have You Ever Thought About Using a Rocking Chair to Exercise Your Stomach Muscles?

Using a rocking chair to exercise and tone your stomach muscles while watching TV is one way to fit in a toning exercise for your body, and no one will ever know what you are doing.
Sit in your favorite rocking chair.
Sit with your back rested comfortably to the back of the chair.
Both feet on the floor.
Elbows rested on the arms of the chair.
Hands folded on top of each other resting on your stomach, just below your belly button.
Keeping your stomach muscles tight or sucked in, imaging that your belly button is being pressed to the back of your spine.
Now rock comfortably at a comfortable speed keeping your stomach muscles pressed in at all times.
Rock in your rocking chair while watching your favorite TV show.
Then when a commercial comes on, get up and walk around and drink a glass of water.
When your show comes back on sit back down in the same position, but change this one thing.
Move your hands to the back of your head, fingers folding each other in a relaxed looking position and then rock.
Squeeze those stomach muscles in! Do this until the next commercial break, then take a break by walking around and get some more water.
When your shows starts up again sit in the same position, then try these positions: Squeeze really, really hard when you rock back, but always keeping those stomach muscles tight, never fully releasing.
Then lift both feet off the floor, legs straight out and rock.
Now lean forward a little, these will feel like little mini crunches.
Do you feel your stomach muscles now? Do this until the next commercial, then you can choose to get up and walk around or keep rocking.

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