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The Definition of Recreation - A Sport, a Pastime, a Hobby, Or Any Amusement

The definition of recreation can be very vague.
But really what is it? It's a sport, a pastime, a hobby, or any amusement.
It can be anything that you do for leisure or fun.
In times of old gardening wasn't leisure.
It was a chore, a necessity.
Today many enjoy gardening and use it as a form of relaxation.
Camping is another one that in times past was done out of necessity.
Now folks enjoy the opportunity to get away from the noise and bustle of life by pitching a tent in the great outdoors.
That is a big difference from yesteryear.
Today our resources afford us to include a wide range of activity or lack there of to be included in the definition of recreation.
When modern technology and conveniences were not so common there weren't as many options nor as much time available for leisurely activities.
Think of the most common and simplest daily form of leisure activity of which most Americans choose to participate: the television.
As time has progressed so has the technology of television.
As we have gone from non existent, to black and white, to color, to cable, to digital cable with pay-per-view and premium channels the appeal to this pastime has grown.
Stemming from the use of television has been the VCR and then the DVD players and let us not forget the many, many choices in video game play.
There are a vast amount of activities that can be brought to mind when the definition of recreation is considered.
In sports alone the list can be quite extensive.
Some sports come from far in the past being handed down from generation to generation.
Some are relatively young like some of the extreme sports we see today.
Then there are the arts and crafts venues of which the possibilities are as endless as the imagination.
Some may choose reading or writing as their form of recreation.
The avenues that can be taken to bring about rest, relaxation and fun are endless.
There is no limit to what people can consider recreation.
Each individual has there own hobby as well as there own activity level.
What is considered enjoyment on one particular day may not be so enjoyable the next day.
By any stretch of the means recreation must include enjoyment in its definition.
Whatever else is to be gotten from it is completely up to the individual.
Regardless of what it is that you consider recreation it is always important to include it in your life.
It relieves the stress and worries of everyday life and can be every bit as important as a healthy diet and exercise.
Everyone needs to be refreshed and needs an escape.
What's yours? Encourage yourself to find some form of recreation for your family and also for you alone to enjoy.

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