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Dog Leashes - It"s the Owner"s Responsibility

Dog Owners should know the value of a dog leash.
A dog leash is a great way to protect your pet from the dangers the outside world can hold.
Regardless of what breed of dog you own, an unsupervised pet can get in trouble.
Most pet owners treat their pets like children, and just like a young child should not be outside without boundaries, neither should a dog.
There are so many distractions outside that could cause a dog to wonder off.
The sound of diesel engines, especially delivery trucks and motorcycles cause a reaction.
They not only continually bark, but many time chases after the vehicle.
This is dangerous to the driver and also having your pet in the street is another danger.
Other distractions are wildlife.
Birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer can make any well trained dog forget their manners and take off.
By the time you look outside to check on your dog, they might be too far away to hear you.
When they return many times they have rolled in something, smell quite bad and can acquire ticks as well.
On trash pickup days, on the dog's way home, they might stop and dig in a garbage can or two Letting your dog wander the neighborhood can irritate your neighbors, especially if your dog decides to poop on their lawn or dig on their property.
Young children can also be afraid if they are on bikes or running and yelling and a dog decides to bark or chase them.
The dog might be playing, but young children might not realize this and can get hurt in their attempt to run away from the dog Even if your dog is not aggressive, a stranger might approach the pet to read a dog tag or a young child sees a cute dog and hugs the dog and the dog nips or bites.
This is a devastating situation for everyone: the injured, the owner and the confused dog.
The pet owner is responsible.
A fenced in yard is a secure place for dogs to run leash free.
For pet owners who have limited space or just don't have a fence, go to a Dog Park.
Dog Parks are a perfect place for dogs to play and socialize with other dogs and exercise in a fenced in area.
Dog Parks are popping up in most townships.
To locate a Dog Park in your area, contact your municipality or ask your veterinarian.
Taking care of your pet is a large responsibility.
Dogs must be supervised at all times to keep them safe.
A dog on a leash is a simple solution to keep your dog out of harm's way Dog Leashes come in many styles to best suit the dog and the dog owner.
There are 4 foot leashes that are great for city dogs; hands free dog leashes are great for exercising along with your dog, couplers for walking multiple dogs; retractable leashes offer flexibility; and the basic 6 foot leash typically is offered in one inch and 5/8 widths to accommodate most dogs.

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