Citronella Trees
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Citronella Trees



    • From May to September, the Citronella moorei tree produces flower clusters that hang downward in 5-inch panicles. The evergreen leaves sport a glossy green top and a light green underbelly. Each leave is ovate in shape and measures 5 inches in length.


    • A hardwood tree, the Citronella moorei has yellowish heartwood with a greenish tinge. Widely used as a timber tree, it produces a fine textured wood that is widely used in furniture manufacturing, for flooring and for decorative wood. The wood is rarely logged because the native trees tend to only be left within protected areas of the country.


    • Working with the wood of the Citronella moorei can be difficult because it causes irritation to the skin and mucus membranes if the dust is inhaled by sensitive individuals. The use of alkaline based adhesives can also discolor the wood.

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