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3 SEO Fables

Search engine optimization or SEO is riddled with many different myths showing up from time to time. One reason for the number of myths is search engines are constantly evolving, requiring new approaches on how to best utilize them. With each change made by the search engines, the confusion and myths grow due to a lack of written rules for ranking. It is your job to keep updated on any changes made by a search engine to maximize your rank. You can only this by testing out various strategies and see what works.

The following is a list of SEO myths to keep in mind.

You have to be sure to optimize your long tail keywords in order to rank well. Many articles, courses and forum posts have repeated this myth over the years. But no, you don't need to do any optimization work for the long tail keyword phrases, mainly because they are already uncompetitive and not many people are searching for these keywords in the search engines. It isn't much of a challenge to rank highly for long tail keywords. All you have to do to rank for them is use them naturally somewhere in your content. There's nothing else you need to do. Long tail keywords are worth targeting because you don't have to spend time on optimization for them.

Many people also fall for another SEO fantasy, which is that they need to have a Google Sitemap. The Sitemap is merely one of the wide variety of tools Google puts at the disposal of webmasters. If you build your site the right way and make it search engine friendly, there's absolutely no need for you to have a Google Sitemap. While it won't harm your site, the benefits are limited to possibly getting your site indexed a little faster by the search engines. If you have it be prepared for the fact that it won't improve your rankings or have an effect on other SEO elements.

You may also hear about another myth that states that you don't have to worry about SEO if you are in a market or industry that reaches people in some way other than search engines. It doesn't make sense to think this way when you consider how many millions of people use the search engines every single day. Try doing a search for any keywords in your niche and you'll get an idea of how well the search engines cover a market. Google gets over 65 million unique visitors everyday, which is a bigger proof that aiming to rank well in your market should be your first priority.

If you want to succeed with search engine optimization, you have to be ready to work at it for a while. You may want to find some trusted sources of information on this subject for when you find yourself getting confused about something. As you keep trying, you may make mistakes here and there but your knowledge will increase until you are able to get your sites ranked well in the search engines.

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