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How to Make a Smiley GIF in a Facebook Status

    Alt Code

    • 1). Log in to Facebook, then click the "Update Status" box.

    • 2). Check to make sure the 'Num Lock" light on your keyboard is turned on. If not, press the "Num Lock" key to turn it on.

    • 3). Press and hold the "Alt" key and number "1" on the keyboard key pad. When the white smiley face appears, type your message and click "Post."

    Character Map

    • 1). Click the "Start" menu button. Type "character map" in the search bar. Click "Character Map" under "Programs" in the search results.

    • 2). Click the check box next to "Advanced view" if it is not selected already.

    • 3). Select "Arial" from the fonts list at the top of the program window.

    • 4). Select "Unicode" in the "Character set" drop-down list. Select "Unicode Subrange" next to "Group by." When the "Group by" window appears in the top right of the main window, click "Symbols and Dingbats" from the Unicode Subrange list.

    • 5). Click the white or black smiley face in the character map area, whichever you prefer to use. When the character you clicked appears in the "Character to copy" box, click the "Select" button. Click the "Copy" button.

    • 6). Log in to Facebook, then click the "Update Status" tab if it is not already active. Click inside the input box. Press "Ctrl+V" to paste the smiley or right-click the input box, and click "Paste," then click "Post" to publish.

    Keyboard Shortcut

    • 1). Sign in to Facebook, and click "Update Status" if you are not already on the status update page.

    • 2). Type :-) or :) to create the Facebook smiley graphic.

    • 3). Click "Post."

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