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Gifts For Parents of a Special Needs Child

There are many things that a parent of a special needs child could use; compassion, understanding, and caring to name a few.
  Sometimes the parents need patience, encouragement, and a good laugh.
Oftentimes the parents need an ear, someone willing to listen.
None of these things are tangible, yet they are all priceless to a parent of a special needs child.
As the aunt of a special needs child, I can attest that all of the above things are gifts to the parents.
However, there are some other gifts that you can give to the family whose life has been touched by the special needs child.
If the special needs child has only recently received a diagnosis, the parents might appreciate having more information.
Do some internet research and find out more about the child's needs and then purchase applicable books for the family.
There are many titles that deal with coping with the stress of the special needs child.
There are also many uplifting, encouraging titles that can help keep the spirits of the family up.
A great way to show you care about the parents of a special needs child is to donate money to the cause.
Find out which foundations or nonprofit organizations support the family most and then make a donation in their name to that particular organization.
  This can be done at any time of the year, but also makes a nice holiday gift, in lieu of any material items.
  Parents of special needs children must have endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm to keep up with the demands of raising their child.
While emotionally rewarding, it can also be physically and emotionally draining.
Help to rejuvenate the parents by purchasing a gift certificate to a local spa.
The parents would love to unwind in relaxing environment that will allow them to free their minds for a few hours.
Make sure the gift certificate can be redeemed for any service; massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc.
All parents need and appreciate a little pampering! Oftentimes the parents of special needs children take on a financial burden in their effort to get their child all the services and interventions the child needs to be successful.
These resources are not always paid for by insurance and many are very costly.
Find out which services (examples include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy) their child receives and which ones they are financially responsible for maintaining.
Offer to pay for one of these services for as long as you can afford (one week, two weeks or a month).
Having time to be alone as a couple and reconnect is important in every marriage.
It's even more important in a marriage that's affected by special needs, where the challenges are unique and parents can feel isolated.
  Purchase a gift card for the parents to go out and enjoy a night out on the town.
Get tickets to a funny movie or a comedy club in an effort to spark their sense of humor.
Find a romantic restaurant that will lend itself to the parents having intimate conversation and the ability to feel close to each other.
Then, offer to provide child care, whether that means you watch the parents' children or you pay their regular babysitter.
You don't want your gift to cause any burden on the family so you have to be willing to cover all the aspects of this "date night" that you're providing to the hardworking couple.
Finally, while most of the above gifts have a monetary value and will be greatly appreciated, the best gift you can give the parents of the child with special needs is the gift of friendship.
  Get informed about the child's condition so that you can be an educated resource for your friend.
One thing these parents do not need is your pity; they know their family has been blessed and entrusted with this child's life and they are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the life of their child.

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