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How to Find the Percentage of Two Cells in Microsoft Excel

    • 1). Open Microsoft Excel.

    • 2). Create your first data point. For the purpose of this example, assume you want to find out what percentage of your total business income was earned in the months of March and April. Enter "March" (without quotation marks) in cell A1, then press the "Tab" key and enter "8,500" (again without quotation marks) in cell B1.

    • 3). Create your second data point. Press the "Enter" key to move your cursor to cell A2. Enter "April," press the "Tab" key, then press "8,750" in cell B2.

    • 4). Add your data points. Move your cursor to cell B3, directly below your two number values. Enter the following formula into this cell to sum the two values:


    • 5). Calculate the percentage of the total. Double-click cell B3 to edit its contents, then add a "/" character and the total value by which the preceding cells should be divided. For this example, assume your annual business revenue is $115,000. Your formula should now look like this:


      The formula tells Excel to take the sum of the values in cells B1 and B2 and divide them by the total yearly revenue value of $115,000. Press "Enter" after inputting the revised formula to return your final percentage (0.15, or 15 percent, in this example).

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