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Customer Service Training at Site

    Before Starting your Job

    • Many companies put you in a classroom for one to three weeks to show you the basics of your job requirements and teach you about the products and services you will be discussing with customers. Training methods include lectures, simulations, practical exercises and review exams.

    On-the-Job Training

    • After your initial classroom training period, you head to the "floor" and begin your job as a customer service representative. Your first few weeks or months will be probationary, and you will be required to ask for help from a trainer whenever you receive a difficult call. In the first few days, expect to ask for help on almost every call.

    Returning to the Classroom

    • Once in a while, after beginning your job, you will be brought back into the classroom for reviews and more specialized training. You typically go over actual calls and get coaching on your mistakes, as well as learning techniques for exceeding your sales quota and dealing with unusual cases.

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