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Be a Good Listener! Women Love It!

This article is not just for single guys.
It's incredibly useful for those who are married or in a relationship.
You know how women always say they wish men were better listeners? Well, here's the answer to that problem! Follow these four easy steps and be the good listener all women love! Step 1: Clear Your Head In order to be a good listener, you have to clear your head.
Stop thinking about work, school, bills, and really listen to what they have to say.
I especially recommend this for guys who are gettingto know a woman as this will tell you a lot about her personality and her quality.
Remember when you clear your head you are ready to LISTEN, not just hear.
Step 2: Show Genuine Interest Try to ask questions or follow up questions about the story or topic.
Women love that because it shows that not only are you really listening, but you're interested enough to want to clarify and know more about what they're talking about.
This scores big points! Step 3: Offer Help or Advice Ask her if she needs any help with the situation or ask her if she'd like your opinion or advice.
Remember to ask first! Don't just spout out words of wisdom as they may be unwelcome.
Sometimes women just need someone to listen, not necessarily solve the problem.
The fact that you asked shows that you respect that she can do this on her own, plus it shows you do care about everything she just said.
Step 4: Reassure and Go over the Main Points Whether advice is requested or not, go over the main points with her again.
Like a re-cap or asking follow up questions.
Then summarize it and reassure her that it will be okay, and that she's in the right.
This is quite important if you're just getting to know a girl.
You don't want her to see you as someone that may oppose her in the future.
Show her your support! If you've ever wondered why women can spend hours with each other on the phone, it's not because they have endless things to talk about.
Okay, it partly is, but a big part of girl to girl phone time requires listening.
Being a good listener is something women love and many people value.
You score a lot of points by being a good listener because any woman would love to be able to confide in and talk about anything with the guy she likes.

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