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Carbamide Peroxide Side Effects - What You Should Know

If you're about to try a teeth whitener that contains carbamide peroxide, it is important to understand how it works and what to expect if you experience side effects.
Generally the amount used in teeth whitening products is less than 10%, so there are very few carbamide peroxide side effects, but on the very rare occasion you may experience difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of your throat or face and general itchiness.
A common side effect of any teeth whitening system is slight sensitivity of your teeth, mainly to cold and hot foods and liquids.
  Your gums may or may not become sensitive, usually from flossing and brushing but sometimes from foods or beverages.
  These are not carbamide peroxide side effects.
The peroxides used in tooth whiteners are the active ingredient in the whitening process because they are capable of breaking down the discoloration that is trapped in the tooth enamel.
  Hydrogen peroxide is produced when carbamide peroxide breaks down, and then produces free radicals that cause the tooth whitening effect.
  There have been some concerns over the production of free radicals during the whitening process, because free radicals cause cellular damage, however, home teeth whitening kits contains less than 10% carbamide peroxide content which is too low to produce any carcinogenic risk.
Studies have also shown that tooth whiteners that contain less than 10% carbamide peroxide content, cause minimal damage to the tooth enamel.
  Greater damage to the tooth enamel is caused by soft drinks and fruit juices that have a high sugar content.
Despite the minimal risk of experiencing carbamide peroxide side effects people will still continue to buy home teeth whitening kits and have their teeth professionally whitened by their dentist because having whiter teeth is a dream that everyone has.

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