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How To Make Him Fall For You - Little Things Men Wish You"d Do For Them

If you're in love, would you like to know how to make him fall for you? Do you wonder what you can do to get him to share your feelings? Would you like to know the secrets that can help you form a close connection with him? Women everywhere dream of finding their soul mate and of all the wonderful things that can happen when they do.
But it's a question of knowing the right things to do and say.
Once you do, you can make him fall for you.
There are no big secrets when it comes to love.
First comes an attraction, then a connection, and finally, if all goes right a happy ending.
But it's how you get there that can be tricky.
Step 1: Making Him Feel The 'Butterflies' Let's start with the attraction part.
You were so attracted to him that you fell for him.
But if there's no attraction nothing happens.
You need that chemistry to make the sparks fly.
If he is drawn to you, the possibility of love is also there.
But that's just the beginning of what it takes to make him fall for you.
When you find each other appealing, it opens the door to a real connection.
And this is where the magic happens.
Connecting with each other is about getting to know the other person.
Step 2: Falling In Love With His Quirks You'll find out that he loves fries but hates them with ketchup, and he'll discover that you cry during sad movies.
He'll learn that you are a little bit self conscious about your freckles and you'll find out that he feels that way about that cute little bald spot on the top of his head.
But you won't use that information against each other.
Instead it will become part of the bond that you share.
When you open yourself up to him, you're trusting him and letting him in on things that maybe not too many other people know about you.
Hopefully, he'll feel drawn to do the same thing with you.
When that happens, the trust and concern for each other builds and those are important building blocks for a solid relationship.
Step 3: Those Little Gestures He Remembers Forever There's more in the saying part of falling in love, but this is a good start.
But the doing part is, if anything, even more important.
You want him to know that you care and you can do that by doing special things for him.
If he's a big baseball fan get tickets to a game.
Then be a good sport and go with him even if you're not crazy about baseball, just so you can enjoy his excitement and pleasure.
Or if he's worn out but promised to take you out, surprise him with take-out and a video.
He'll appreciate the fact that you're going out of your way to understand how he feels.
Or it could be a thoughtful little gesture like a "good luck, you can do it" text before a big presentation.
Don't forget the xox.
It's not just the big things, but it's the little things too, that show how much you care that will make him fall for you.
Want to learn more about the little things men wish you'd do to them? I'd love to show you!

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