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Brazilian Butt Lift To Better Enhance Your Body Features

Enhancement of the gluteal or buttocks area had recently gain popularity because of newer and safer technique in improving the gluteal contour and size. Buttocks augmentation with the use of patients own fat or also known as Brazilian butt augmentation or brazilian butt lift is a good option for body enhancement. This procedure help or provide prospective patients or interested client to increase the dimensions and enhance the shape of their gluteal area. This is best for patients with flat or underdeveloped gluteals but with significant fat deposit at their abdomen or thigh area from which fats for grafting is harvested and process into pure form prior to injecting into the buttocks.

Patients, weather women or men do desire an attractive body, to uplift their self esteem and to improve their social acceptance. This is why body contouring procedure like buttocks augmentation particularly Brazilian butt lift in the Philippines draws in interest and appeals.

Who needs or who will benefit from butt lift procedure or makeover?
This is procedure is not specifically indicated for a particular sex, both men and women that has flat or with insufficient volume and contour which appear to lack a great butt will benefit from buttocks augmentation. However, more women are particularly concern with their behind and are looking for a more voluminous and pronounced buttocks. They may either enhance their gluteal area through exercise or may seek medical consultation for a more drastic change in size and shape.

There are also deformity of the body that may involve the gluteal area and may benefit from enhancement procedure with fat grafting. This deformities can either be acquired or hereditary, may occurring from childhood or maybe secondary to trauma or surgery that may affect the gluteal shape. Some patient present with general lost of soft tissue volume secondary to massive weight lost or illness. The alterations in volume and projection are generally because of muscular and fatty atrophy specially at the the higher gluteal area. This patients with massive weight lost is usually have excess and sagging skin at other area of the body particularly the abdomen, thigh, arms and face area. So aside from butt augmentation they will also need other body contouring procedure like tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift and face lift to remove that excess or redundant skin that is affected by the force of gravity. So often, Brazilian butt lift in the Philippines is combined with other body contouring procedure. And often patients are informed that they will need other procedure to maximize the result and further improve their contour.

Buttocks enhancement procedure can be combined with tummy tuck, thigh lift or liposuction provided that patients are in good general health and with existing medical illness or have controlled medical condition like hypertension. Also, its best that patients are admitted for a day or two when combined procedure is perfumed. So that patient may rest comfortably immediately after surgery and for close monitoring.

As the field of medicine particularly plastic surgery advances through time, newer technique or method are coming that can enhance the gluteal contour that is less invasive but with more appealing result. Brazilian butt augmentation is increasingly well-liked like a good answer. Surgeons or other health care provider had increase inquiry by patients seeking gluteal augmentation. Recent census showed that there is multifold rise in the number of patient undergoing elective gluteal augmentation procedure compared to the prior years.

Brazilian butt lift in Manila, Philippines involves 3 basic process. These are : body fat are harvest by liposuction, particularly at the abdomen, thigh and arms, then these aspirated fat is process into pure form and lastly the fat is injected or transplanted as fat graft into the buttocks area preferably the gluteal muscle.

Fat is usually harvested or removed from the abdomen and thighs because of the abundance of deposit fats at this area. The process of purification is essential because it assists segregate body fat cells which are best suited for contouring the buttocks. This guarantees that the cells are able to sustaining themselves within the tissues. The surgeon then gently injects the pure fat into buttocks area. The amount of injection needed depends on the degree of enhancement needed from the patient.

Brazilian butt augmentation or buttocks augmentation with fat graft or fat injection is essentially a simple and straight forward process. However, it is imperative that those who plan to undergo such cosmetic medical procedure, should seek the advice and expertise of the professional plastic surgeon who has a correct understanding from the human physique. The specialist would create a detailed study and choose around the best possible method fitted to the affected person to ensure desirable and effective result.

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