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Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong - An icon of modern architecture

Opposing the Pearl River Delta, surrounded by the South China Sea, Hong Kong subsists as a city  blessed with many natural marvels and sightseeing opportunities. Despite being intensely urbanized, Hong Kong has managed to maintain nature reserves and country parks throughout a considerable amount of its land. Plus more than 70 percent of its terrain is mountainous with sharp slopes. This sophisticated city, located on China's south coast, is second to none in natural beauty and cultural diversity. Its major tourist attractions include The Peak, Victoria Harbour, Ten Hau Temple, Repulse Bay and last but certainly not least, Bank of China Tower.

Towering high above the other skyscrapers that rule the skyline of the Hong Kong Island, triumphantly reaching towards the vast blue sky, this magnificent structure draws the instant attention of any passerby. This 70 stories tall, outstanding tower is designed by the well-known Chinese architect I.M. Pei, who is also responsible for the designs of some other amazing buildings such as the John F.Kennedy Library and Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This design is said to be inspired by the bamboo plant, which symbolizes prosperity, but at the same time another explanation claims that the tower is a representation of the Chinese peoples' aspirations and also a symbol of good will toward the British colonials.

The most intriguing aspect of this tower is the geometric changes that occur as the building ascends towards the sky. Four triangular aluminium and glass towers of various heights are supported by an appealing granite podium to create the base of this structure. This artistic tower's sharp points and angles as well as its reflective glass of silver, add a contrast to the classic simple architecture that dominates the city. For those who are interested in witnessing fascinating scenes of the city, a fast elevator ride can be taken up to the sky deck on the 42nd floor.

For the residents of many Hong Kong hotels, the breathtaking night view of the Bank of China Tower is thoroughly visible. Providing the overall view of the city, especially that of the famous Victoria harbour, is Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, a luxurious hotel boasting 8 dining options and an indoor pool. To reserve your space at a Hong Kong luxury hotel, you can search the web and choose what fits your requirements.

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