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Compaq Dl320 Specifications

    • The Compaq ProLiant DL320 is an older model server computer using the 1U Rack form factor. This computer is a network server designed for use in conjunction with other servers. It is compatible with several types of older server operating systems including Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, Solaris Intel Platform Edition and several versions of Linux-Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera eServer and TurboLinux Server.


    • The Compaq DL320 uses an Intel Pentium III processor rated at either 1.13GHz or 1.26GHz. These processors come with a 256KB and 512KB L2 cache, respectively. The motherboard uses a 133MHz front side bus that is controlled by the ServerWorks LE 3.0 chipset. The standard configuration for this board is equipped with 128MB of registered ECC SDRAM, rated at 133MHz. However, it supports a maximum of 2GB of memory, using the four DIMM slots on the motherboard.


    • The DL320 provides a pair of integrated Compaq NC3163 Network Interface cards that operate at 10/100. The DL320 has several available drive configurations. It offers an optional 1.44MB floppy disk drive, an optional IDE low-profile CD-ROM and an optional DVD-ROM drive. The DL320 has three hard drive options that includes no hard drive, an 18.2GB SCSI hard drive or a 40GB drive using the ATA interface. Hard drive compatibility is determined by the storage controller, which is either an integrated Ultra ATA/100 model or a single channel wide Ultra2 SCSI module. The DL320 is capable of mounting two hard drives and supports a maximum of 160GB using Ultra ATA hard disks or 72.8GB using SCSI hard disks.

    Interface and Video

    • The DL320 uses an integrated ATI RAGE XL video controller to provide video output. This controller provides 8MB of SDRAM video memory and VGA output. The DL320 also provides a single serial port, two USB 1.1 ports, two PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse support, and a pair of RJ-45 network ports. The DL320's motherboard also provides a single PCI expansion slot that conforms with the PCI 2.2 standard. The dual network interface controllers provide wake-on-LAN support allowing the computer to receive remote instructions even when it is turned off.

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