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Stand Up Palm Tree Activities


    • Use stand up palm trees as decorations for a luau themed party. If the party is going to be in a natural setting with palm trees, simply allow them to act as the backdrop. For an indoor party or another area without real palm trees, purchase large inflatable palm trees to put around the room. Some palm trees have large circular bottoms that allow it to act as a decoration and a cooler for beverages.


    • You can grow palm trees in your own garden. Go to a local nursery to ensure that you select a palm tree type that is appropriate for the weather environment, as well as the space that you have available in your backyard. Ask plenty of questions, as you will find that there are specific ways to grow different palm trees. Some require growth under a shade cloth, while others need to be in full sunlight.


    • Make three dimensional palm tree crafts that stand up with your children or your students. For example, have them wrap brown craft paper around a tall piece of cardboard and then cut the palm part out of green poster board. Another option is to allow students to select from a variety of medium to use to construct their palm tree, such as modeling clay, Popsicle sticks and paper or building blocks.

    Research Projects

    • In a science classroom or a gardening course, have students engage in research on palm trees, whether it is for a class presentation or to write a traditional research paper. Suggestions for topics for the students to research include the five tallest species of palm trees, native location of a particular type of palm tree, the tallest documented palm tree and common diseases that affect palm trees.

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