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DIY Dog Run


    • Choose a location carefully for your dog run. The best location is one in between two buildings. A home and a garage, a home and an outbuilding, or even two homes that are more than 10 feet apart from each other will all make good locations for your DIY dog run. The area in between the buildings can be dirt or grass, but should not be concrete, unless you have no other choice. The area should be free of water, plants, furniture or anything else that might trip up your dog.

    String Wire

    • String heavy wire from one building to the next. The wire should be at least 8 feet from the ground. It should be stretched taut between the two buildings. It can be attached with screws or brackets, or it can be strung through two windows that are at the same height. It must be secure.

    Attach Dog

    • Use a leash that is at least 20 feet long to attach the dog to the strung wire. The leash should be able to hang straight from the wire and land on the ground, and have at least 10 feet that remain on the ground. It can be attached using a carabiner, or even a simple circle ring from a hardware store. The leash should move freely from one end of the cable or wire to the other. The connection needs to be strong enough so that your dog can't yank himself free. Attach your dog to the end of the leash, and he will be able to run back and forth between the buildings safely and securely.

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