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How to Use the End of Days Scenario to Scare People

    • 1). Research the "End of Days" scenarios for various religions and choose the one you want to use. Sites such as "Religious Tolerance" and "2012 Predictions" (see Resources for links to both) offer a breakdown of the way certain religions describe the end of the world. But the "End of Days" scenario you choose doesn't have to be religion-based. Sites such as "The Loom of God" (see Resources for link) describe a number of different man-made disasters that could bring about the end of the world. Pick the scenario that interests you the most.

    • 2). Immerse yourself in apocalyptic fiction to draw inspiration. For example, Stephen King's "The Stand" is a book about the days and weeks after a "super-flu" has decimated the world's population. Likewise, the "Left Behind" series is a collection of books chronicling the events after a religious "End of Days" scenario. Watching and reading other artists' work can inspire you with ideas for how to use this scenario in your work.

    • 3). Focus on the human aspect of your story. Write about the various ways your selected "End of Days" scenario will affect different people for maximum horror effect. While an "End of Days" scenario with zombies may be fun, ultimately that application isn't as scary because the reader knows that zombies aren't real. However, an "End of Days" scenario where people are starving after a man-made disaster will hit home on a more personal level.

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