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Oman Travel: What"s There?

Oman is an Arab country located south and west of Saudi Arabia, directly south of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Though Oman hasn't been considered a tourist destination until recently, it is working to grow its appeal as a holiday spot.
The capital of Oman is Muscat, and here is the best place to begin your Oman holidays.
Before You Go: Before leaving, it's important to know that Oman is very hot, especially during the summer.
So, if you're visiting this off-the-beaten path travel destination, consider going for a winter visit, between the end October and early March to fully enjoy your Oman travel experience.
It is a Muslim nation, so pack clothes that are respectful of the people, their beliefs and their traditions.
In other words, avoid tank tops and short shorts.
Languages: In Muscat, Oman, many people speak English.
There's also a British radio station.
Once you're out of the capital, very few people speak English, so knowing basic Arabic will be useful.
Some things you should see and places you should go include: Mountain ranges: Nizwa- located in the highest mountain ranges, this is a historic city about two hours from Muscat Darcy's Kitchen- Muscat-based European restaurant Before You Buy: While there, barter for the best prices on goods.
They'll notice you're visiting.
Luxury Oman family holidays are different than anywhere else.
Oman travel is relatively new to the world of tourism.
However, they have beautiful hotels and outstanding tourist options.
Shopping is ultra modern in gorgeous complexes.

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