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Wall Design Ideas for Family Photos


    • A favorite family photograph, such as the children playing at the beach or everyone gathered around the table at the family reunion, transforms from a picture into wallpaper for your room. The process requires a digital photograph that is at least 4 megapixels large. Enlarge the photograph to cover the entire wall, or choose a smaller size that you can place above a bead board bottom or one with a painted bottom section. Add trim to the outskirts of the photograph to simulate a frame.


    • A collection of blank CD cases grouped together on the wall hold snapshots of family photographs. By placing the CD cases with their sides touching, you can create design shapes of rectangles, squares, steps or pyramids giving more impact to the pictures and the wall. Another option includes placing the CD framed photos side-by-side at chair rail length, approximately 19 inches from the floor, as a room border, or run the collection along the top of the room, by the ceiling, for a variation of the border.

    Staircase Wall

    • Fill a staircase wall with family photographs. Pictures from holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween or St. Patrick's Day, show special family activities. Each child an 11-inch by 7-inch frame containing multiple windows that show educational progression, starting with kindergarten and ending with graduation. Surround this with photographs from family vacations, such as the child fishing on a pier, accomplishments such as a dance recital performance. Add birthday party pictures between the activity photos.

    Gallery Effect

    • A family photo wall resembles an art gallery as you place 4-inch by 6-inch photographs into an 11-inch by 7-inch frame. Choose the exact same frame for each picture, with the same wood tones and finish. Center the photos, and surround with a white matting. Hang all frames vertically to create several rows of the photographs. Carry the framing effect down both sides of a long hallway or corridor leading to the living room.

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