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The Most Dangerous Reasons Why Your Ex is Still Not Returning - A Must Know at All Costs!

Do you feel you cannot get over your ex no matter what you do? Are you pulled to constantly think about your ex? Do you find yourself always trying to find ways to talk to your ex, and everything reminds you of them? You see, the thing is most people do not realize the value of something once it is gone, and you my friend, certainly realize this.
However, your ex does not, that is the sad fact! This does not mean that you should just give up now, but rather it is a window of opportunity to get your ex back.
That is exactly why you should know what I am about to tell you, before it's too late.
Read on to discover the most dangerous things you are doing that repel your ex away..
Obsessive and constant behavior- Constantly thinking about your ex will cause you to constantly be feeling about your ex; which in turn causes you to act; and act out of your favor.
What you need to know is that any obsessive or constant behavior will ultimately repel your ex away.
Calling all the time, sending emails, telling your ex you love them 1000 times a day, and related actions seem utterly desperate to your ex.
You cannot force your ex to love you, or want you; especially by forcing yourself on your ex.
Chasing your ex like crazy- You will notice your ex avoiding you, because they want space; and yet you are running after him/her, even stalking- either in real life, by following him/her around or by their online profiles.
Your ex will consider this as your attempt to literally take over and ruin their life, since you are butting in literally on their personal space, privacy, and everything else.
Trying to force your ex to notice you and give you attention will make you look hopeless and utterly self disrespecting.

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