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How to Change a Stamp Pad

    • 1). Remove the plastic cover from the new stamp pad. The cover should slide right off; no tools are necessary.

    • 2). Inspect the new stamp pad to make sure you have the correct color. Blue and black ink often look similar on stamp pads.

    • 3). Pick up the stamp with your right hand. Be sure to position your hand so that your thumb is on the bottom of the device, and the rest of your fingers are on the top of the machine.

    • 4). Squeeze your fingers together slowly until you see the stamp pad compartment. If you squeeze too hard or too lightly, you won't be able to slide out the stamp pad in the next step.

    • 5). Push the stamp pad with your left pointer finger. The stamp pad should easily come out of the machine. Continue applying the same amount of pressure on the stamp with your right hand.

    • 6). Slide the new stamp pad into the stamp using your left hand. It will lay exactly like the stamp pad that you removed in Step 5.

    • 7). Release the pressure with your right hand. You can now use the stamp normally.

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