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English Bulldog Skin Conditions


    • Also known as CAD or Canine Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema is one of the most common skin issues among English bulldogs. It is not a contagious condition, and it presents as inflamed and itchy dry skin. Outbreaks and flare-ups can cause lumps, blisters and scaly skin, and may also present with wet, open sores. Eczema in English bulldogs is most commonly a result of hormonal issues, insect bites, allergies or stress.


    • Seborrhea is especially common in English bulldogs and other bulldog breeds. It presents with an oily or greasy coat or as unusually dry skin with dandruff or flakey skin. Seborrhea is more of a symptom than an actual condition, and typically exists secondary to some other skin disorder or condition such as a keratinization defect.

    Hot Spot Dermatitis

    • Hot spots appear as red, circular lesions that are completely hairless and intensely itchy. In a very small period of time, the size of these lesions can increase significantly. Hot spots typically occur as an allergic reaction to something, such as food, flea bites, mange, contact allergies from clipping or grooming, anal gland issues, parasitic infection or localized inflammation. Further inflammation typically results when your dog irritates the hot spot further in a futile attempt to alleviate the itching.


    • English bulldogs can develop acne similar as humans do. The acne is caused when the skin glands become inflamed, which is caused when dirt enters into the pores of the skin. It is not always apparent what the underlying cause is, but one common cause for acne in English bulldogs is allergic reactions to certain materials such as plastic food and water dishes. This skin condition does not typically adversely affect the dog unless a secondary infection results.

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