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The Traditions Of An English Wedding Celebration

A wedding celebration is one of the important events of life. It brings a lot of happiness and joy to the bride, groom and their respective families. This event is about uniting two persons in a long lasting relationship. However the motive is the same but the traditions of marriage differ within every culture. People belonging to each location and culture celebrate this special day in their own unique way.

Petals are sprinkled by a little girl preceding the bride and her bridesmaids, who walk together into the chapel or the marriage place. The flowered corridor and symbolic walk express hope for the bride's course through life to be content and lovely. English bridesmaids wear dresses very much like the bride's own dress, so she can not be spotted by any envious evil wishers, who might blight her for her contentment.

The old residents in the north of England would be standing on the door of the new home of the bride. The bride would throw plate full of bread over her head that falls outside the door. The guests used to run towards this piece of bread, which was considered very fortunate. A large cake was broken over the heads of the couple in Gloucestershire in the eighteenth century. Barley is thrown over the pair in Aberdeen shire.

In other places such as in Wales, the bride was carefully lifted over the entrance when she returned from the ceremony, because it was considered unlucky for the bride to place her feet on the doorsill. Present day wedding traditions are totally different from those of the olden times. Brides arrange hen nights and grooms have wild stag nights. No rehearsal dinners are performed.

An exclusive English wedding event is called the ribbon heave. A genuine silvery charm is bought for each an every friend of the bride. A ribbon is fixed to each one of them and the baker hides them between the layers of the wedding cake as it is being made. Before the bridegroom and the bride share their first piece of cake, the friends of the bride gather so that each can heave one ribbon, taking it for their selves for a good future.

Rolls Royce and vintage cars are used for transportation but in most cases limousines are also used. In olden times, English brides had only one witness, but nowadays, many brides maid are seen. A girl carrying flowers leads the way and spreads the petals along the passage. This has a special significance. It shows that the couple has a happy life.

At the end of the reception, the bride tosses her bouquet to the group of unmarried bridesmaids and the friends. The one who catches the bouquet is thought to be the first one to marry. This tradition calls for a lot of interest and excitement for the people at reception.

An English wedding is not a plain and simple wedding, in fact it is a wedding full of rituals, traditions and belief. It is good to understand English wedding traditions before attending a wedding.

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